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Out Of Time Malayalam Movie Download

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7cb1d79195 An unscrupulous archaeologist searches for Alexander's treasure, using clues he finds by desecrating historical sites and artifacts; but he is not the only one who is trying to find the treasure.
Terrific unknown thriller about a bright archaeologist/student set on location in Greece and Egypt. Beautiful scenery, nice performances, an airy pace by the director, and a script that was actually interesting. I thought this was going to be another Indiana Jones wannabe, but it had much more in common with the Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn film CHARADE. Jeff Fahey plays Jake (the archaeologist), and though a little old for what I would think to be a student, is quite good in the role as someone who doesn't mind dabbling with the black market to fund his next dig. When a prized carving is stolen, Jake is blamed, expelled, and deported. To make things worse Jake's best friend is killed in his apartment, having been mistaken for Jake. Tough day Jake. Early on in the film Jake has hooked up with Rene (Camilla More), a perfect beauty who travels with the Greek jet set. Camilla More was a new actress for me and based on this film alone I don't know why she didn't have a great career. She's is both beautiful and sexy and when she is on screen you can't keep your eyes off of her. She is also a very good actress not relying on the bimbo role given to her, but developing a much stronger, free-willed, "in-control" persona. At a festival dance, her tanned legs beaming down from a short, tight white skirt balanced in a pair of white high heels, walks up to Jake and says in a light English accent…"no strings attached?" There is good chemistry between the two stars and excellent support from an international cast.

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